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Hailing from the Big Apple, meet that cherubic guy, Cherub. He's engaged in law enforcement in the greatest city on earth. Just like Batman.

So, is this what you see when you think of "cherub"? I looked it up. One of its meanings is what most of us visualize - basically, a Cupid-like figure from a Valentine's Day card. Usually naked.

Lucky for you (and us), we were unsuccessful in obtaining a picture of Cherub in that sort of guise.

However, the primary meaning of the word is "a winged, celestial being".

You may not get that meaning from the picture above. But when you engage him in flight and he shows you the most vicious rolling scissors you've ever seen . . . well, then you will understand the true meaning of Cherub.

In addition to his talents in the air, Cherub maintains the Haze BBS, and provides a backup TeamSpeak server for our use. Cherub is also a regular Cecile B. DeMille when it comes to making WarBirds movies.  Here's a link to one of his movies, made during a former WarBirds event called "Target for Tonight".