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Carrier pilots being briefed before a raid over Tokyo


This page takes you to articles, maps, and other instructional material we've found useful, interesting, or just cool. Most were written by one or more of our members, but a few are instructional material from the real world which seemed applicable to WarBirds.

The Air War

WarBirds Maps
Click on the links to download zipped files of the following field maps:

Phillipines Terrain Field Maps by Phenix

Tunisia Terrain Field Maps

Europe Terrain (small) Field Maps

Malta Terrain Field Maps

Dive Bombing and Rocket Attacks
Tips on how to engage targets through dive bombing and rocket attacks.

Bomber Escort
A description of standard procedures for escorting level bombers to and from their targets.

Loose Deuce
A case for the "loose deuce" formation for wingmen.

Combat Tactics In The SWPA
This is a reprint of an article written by Major Thomas B. McGuire, Jr. of the 475th Fighter Group on combat in the Southwest Pacific Area. Major McGuire garnered 38 confirmed kills during the war and won the Medal of Honor and other awards. His advice is as true in WarBirds today as it was in the South Pacific in the 40's.

Level Bombing 101
A primer on how to use the bombsight in WarBirds. Also includes a description of the dreaded "Twirl Turn".

Level Bombing Miscellany
Miscellaneous information for bombers: how to stay in formation, what historical formations looked like, and the use of AI wingmen.

The Ground War

German Armor Basics
This is a reprint of a pamphlet that was given to German tank crews before they headed out for the Eastern front - or so we were told. Sounds like good advice to us.