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Voice Comms
The Squad communicates by voice during Squad operations through the use of TeamSpeak. This is a free program which allows you to connect to servers on the internet, and hear and be heard by others who are also connected to that server. You will need a microphone in order to broadcast.

TeamSpeak works by connecting everyone to a server, and The Haze maintains a primary server and two backups, so that we always have at least one available.

TeamSpeak recently allowed some Mac programmers to put together a Mac version of the program too. Like most Mac things, it's in perpetual beta, but it does work.

Haze Bulletin Board
The Haze maintains a private bulletin board system (BBS) for use by all members. It is located here. You have to be a registered user in order to read or post to it.

Other Bulletin Boards
In addition to the Squad BBS, there are a few others which may be of interest.

S3 Events BBS - this is a BBS for public discussions and communications regarding the S3 Event. Anyone can read it, but to post on it, you have to be registered. It also has private subsections for Allied and Axis planning during the events, and when an event is ongoing, members receive from the CO or another officer, by email, the relevant password for our section.

Alt.Games.WarBirds - famous and infamous at the same time, this was the original WarBirds BBS (well, not counting its newsgroup predecessor, the source of the odd name). This one is the redux version of AGW, not the original. From its heyday in the late 90s, the original AGW eventually became like Camelot - it was a silly place. Most of the more prolific posters there were not even flying WarBirds anymore, it developed a nasty tone, and finally Argo just shut it down. For better or worse, Raptor started it up again with a new address. It gets a fair amount of traffic (mostly in the Off-Topic section), but very little of it is actually about WarBirds. Still, it may be of historical interest if nothing else.

IEN's WarBirds BBS - this is the BBS run by IEN, the corporation which runs WarBirds, and it's the best BBS for actually getting in touch with the IEN guys.