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The trademark shark-tooth P40


Most squads have some sort of icon or other identifying graphical representation, and The Haze does too. Actually, we have several, and here are a few of them. I've also thrown in a couple of historical icons from our namesakes, the 100th Bomb Group and the 100 Squadron RAF.

Squad Patch
The patch shown below was prepared by someone who never was a member of the Squad, but who had a vision for our patch. He was a friend of former member (Goshawk), and his name is lost to history now:


Haze patch

The Real 100th
As you can see, the above patch was based on the historical patch used by the 100th Bombing Group (H), shown here:

100th Bomb Group (H) patch

100th RAF
In addition to the 100th Bombing Group (H), there was also a 100 Squadron in the RAF. This is their patch:

100th RAF patch

Other Stuff
Here's the banner we use on the
WarBirds Scoring Page:

Haze scoring banner

Haze-Customized WarBirds
You can now customize the WarBirds opening screens, so of course we did. Here is a Haze customization of the WarBirds user interface, using the opening picture from our website.

Haze-Customized WarBirds

To use this yourself, click on the picture above and download the zipped file. Unzip the file called "splash.tga" to your main WarBirds directory, and unzip the one called "wbback.tga" to the subirectory called UI/textures. You'll know you got them in the right place when Windows asks whether you want to overwrite the existing files of that name (you may want to save those existing files before you do this). Start WarBirds again, and the stock interface is replaced with this one. Oh yeah, one more thing - the WarBirds updater function seems to want to replace these, so if you run the updater, you'll need to repeat this.