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The Haze is a bunch of folks who fly and fight together in the virtual online world of WarBirds. When we're together, we call ourselves a squad - The Haze, 100th Fighter/Bomber Group.

If you've never heard of WarBirds, most of this web site won't make much sense to you, but here's a quick summary. It's a MMOG, or "massively multiplayer online game". WarBirds is an online air combat simulation set in the era of World War II, in which you are flying against real people rather than computer code. It involves virtual combat against hundreds of other human players from all around the globe. It's great fun, and very addictive.

The Haze got its start in WarBirds back in 1997, back when online computer games were just becoming popular. Since our first Squad Night in 1997, The Haze has flown as a squad in WarBirds every Saturday night, without fail. We'll be there next Saturday too.

In addition to our regular Squad Night on Saturdays, on most Sunday evenings you will find us in the player-run WarBirds event called the "Squad Select Series" (the S3). The S3 is the premiere event in WarBirds (actually, it's the premiere event in any MMOG), and the single most popular thing about WarBirds for our members.

Unlike many other WarBirds squads, we are not an "historical" squadron. There was no squad called "The Haze" in the war, nor was there until the Korean war anything called a "fighter/bomber group". We made it up. We purposely chose not to emulate a particular squad or fighter group from history and thus, we take on whatever persona we choose at the time. As a result, The Haze flies all of the planes in WarBirds, Allied and Axis, fighters and bombers, in both our regular Squad Night and in the S3 events.

Who Are Those Guys?
The Haze has had a lot of members come and go during the years, but currently all of our members live in North America and Europe. Some are experts, some are newbies, some are old, some are young - most are in-between. In short, we're all over the map, geographically and otherwise.

So, what brings us together? We don't know. If I had to guess, I'd say that the one thing we do have in common is a fascination with - and a lot of otherwise useless knowledge about - the history, weapons, and tactics of World War II air combat. If any of that appeals to you, stop by our Recruiting page and send us an email.