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WarBirds is a war simulation, and thus it rewards collective action. Collective action is really the whole point of any squad, and you don't get that without someone being in charge.

So, we have officers. Each officer is assigned an area of responsibility by the CO.

Note that this organizational structure applies only during organized Squad activities, such as Squad Night, S3's, events, etc. When we're in the arena just playing around, no one expects you to take orders.

Organizational Structure of The Haze

Commanding Officer
Executive Officer
Fighter Lead
Bomber Lead

Vert++ (me), the CO, is generally in charge of everything, and nothing. While the CO has final authority over everything the Squad does, he exercises that authority through the appropriate officers. The CO determines Squad policy matters, and also takes responsibility for any administrative work such as maintaining this web site. He's also the "fill-in" guy. When a flight leader isn't there, he takes that job. When there's no one to fly the Ju52 or drive the Bedford, he takes that job. He also empties ashtrays and sweeps up.

Mmmkkk is our XO, is tasked with advising the CO as to all Squad matters, and with coordinating with the fighter lead and bomber lead for our missions. He's also in charge of personnel matters.  In the absence of the CO, the XO will run the Squad during Squad Night, also with the help of the fighter and bomber leads. Mmmkkk also is our second fighter lead when we divide the Squad into two fighter groups.

Trigr= is our Fighter Lead, and is in charge of all fighter flights we send up. Trigr= also acts as our S3 Coordinator when our missions involve flying fighters (which is usually the case). He also plans, coordinates, and leads us in practices when we are preparing for a scenario.

Phenix is our Bomber Lead. As you might expect, he is in charge of all bomber flights we send up. Phenix also takes the job of S3 Coordinator when we are assigned to fly bombers.