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Phenix and the Chameleon


This is Phenix, sitting aboard the chopper that he built himself. That's right, there is no engine in this baby . . .  it's a chopped bicycle. He named it Chameleon.

He's also the only person we know who gutted an early century upright piano, installed a large aquarium into the top, and a digital piano into the rest of it. This was the follow-up to the TV aquarium he built in college.

Endlessly clever he is. With a degree in both math and physics, we figure it's only a matter of time before he invents anti-gravity or something.

Until then, he's famous in WarBirds circles (along with Helix) for providing, and updating, modifications to the special effects in WarBirds. These are not only a vast improvement upon the stock effects, they also give you slightly better framerates. I don't know anyone not using one or the other, or combinations of both. Here is a link to Phenix's WarBirds Effects.

But wait, that's not all. In WarBirds, Phenix also provides the S6 Page, which is a database of all S3 Event scores - an invaluable resource.

Here are Phenix's own words on how he ended up in WarBirds and The Haze:

How did I get into WarBirds? As a young'un I watched every WWII aviation film I could get my hands on. I built models and drew pictures of planes all through my childhood. A few years ago these HOT women came to my door selling magazines. They (supposedly) only needed 2 more magazines to get some prize or something. So I bought Rolling Stone and some cheapy internet magazine. In that magazine was a short article on WarBirds. I down loaded version 1.11 and practiced offline for a month while I made rudder pedals. I flew my first time on the very first day of 2.0, scoring my first kill after dying 7 times. A few months later I joined The Haze.