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The Haze is always interested in new members. If you play WarBirds and are interested in joining a squad, send our Personnel Officer an email by clicking here.

One Rule
The Haze has only one hard and fast rule. We require that our members be responsible and honorable members of the community at all times, whether in the arenas or on the various bulletin boards. What this means exactly is open to interpretation, but among other things, it means no protracted flame wars on the boards, no making an ass of yourself in public, etc. Treat everyone, friend or enemy, with due respect. Remember that your actions reflect upon the entire Squad, and act accordingly.

That's about it. We're not real fond of rules, so we only have that one.

Note that we do not require or expect you to be an expert to join The Haze. Many of our members were new to flight simulations when they first joined, and some of them have gone on to become experts who now train others. If you're an honorable person who is interested in joining a squad like The Haze, then drop us a note using the link above.