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Tracer is the one standing.

The other one is his Harley, a 2005 Heritage Softail.   The original photo is in color, and it's a beautiful sort of orangish-red and black.  I'll leave it up to you to decide which one is nicer to look at.

In the real world, Tracer is a dentist, living the quiet life in the suburb of Milwaukee where he was born and raised.  Well, quiet except for that Harley I suppose.  In addition to the bike, his interests range from boating,to snowmobiling, to downhill skiing, and even to ballroom dancing.   OK, maybe he's not so quiet.

And of course, he's a big fan of WarBirds, which is probably the safest thing he does all day.

Tracer is married to a lovely lady who shares his WarBirds passion, and several of us had the privilege of meeting her when she came with Tracer to the 2006 WarBirds convention in Dayton.