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Triggr (now Trigr= in WarBirds) is the technician of our Squad. He is a WarBirds trainer, and the author of The Practical Guide to WarBirds, a guide to WarBirds for both beginners and old hands. Which means he not only knows what to do in air combat, he knows how to explain it to someone else.

In the real world, he practices law in Los Gatos, California, in the mountains south of Silicon Valley. Triggr's description of his hobbies:

Fishing, surfing (waves and Net,) flying in the Twin Commanche N484X, social biology, gardening (I grow food) writing, restoring 2 seater European sports cars (e.g., '78 Lancia Beta Scorpion,) auto racing/repair, sailing and do-it-yourself construction (houses, kit cars, furniture, whatever).

Whew, I get exhausted just reading all that. In spite of all these hobbies, Triggr also finds time to be our Fighter Flight Leader in WarBirds, a position he has held since . . . well, since we had such a position. Basically, when The Haze goes up in fighters, Triggr leads us. The appointment of Triggr as our Fighter Flight Leader turns out to have been one of our COs best decisions, because it allows him to daydream, confident that even if he doesn't know what's going on, Triggr does.