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Squad Night: Saturday Night, 11:30 p.m. Eastern, Main Arena
S3 Events: Sunday Evening, 8:30 p.m. Eastern, S3 Arena
Recruiting Contact: Zonker

Who We Are in WarBirds
I'd have to say we're pretty serious about WarBirds - or as serious as you can be about a flight simulation and still have fun. WarBirds is and remains the most realistic online combat flight simulation available, and we try to fly it realistically. We take pride in the abilities of the Squad and our record in the S3 Events, and we hold practices as needed to train for different events, planes, or tactics. In most events we are assigned to fly fighters, but we maintain expertise in all of the planes of WarBirds, including bombers.

We fly together as a squad every Saturday night, and during an S3 Event, every Sunday evening.

Squad Night is our regular weekly meeting which takes place every Saturday night, rain or shine, holiday or not. We have always flown in the most populated arena, and when we began this, it was the Main Arena, where all planes for all sides (4 sides) were enabled. We flew for the Purple country back then. This was followed by the era of the "World War II Arena", which featured a two-sided Allied/Axis setup, and sometimes even a theater-specific planeset.

Currently, the simulation has come full circle, and the most popular arena in WarBirds is the Main Arena. So, that's where we fly on Saturday night. This arena is a return to the original Main Arena setup, and it features all planes for all sides - only there are now just two sides, not four.

During Squad Night, we try to do a little of everything, and usually run a mix of both ground strike and fighter sweep missions. We may or may not decide to capture bases. If the plane we're flying in the S3 Event is one we don't often use, we may plan missions around that aircraft so as to get more practice in it. Squad Night lasts as long as it lasts - usually 2-3 hours, or until the arena population gets too low.

The S3 Event is the big event of WarBirds. It takes place most Sunday evenings, and a single event consists of 5 "frames" spread out over at least 5 weeks. Each frame lasts 3 hours, and it is the most intense 3 hours you can spend in WarBirds. There are usually 2 or 3 weeks between events.

The S3 Event is a one-life-to-live affair. If you lose your plane or die, you are done for that frame. That loss may also affect the type of plane available for the next frame.

The S3 Event is not casual. The Haze takes this event seriously and we do well in it. It is probably the single most popular aspect of WarBirds for our members.